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New Press Release

[PM 05/31/08]

New Action Phone Number!!!

The new telephone number is: 01577/6416689 !!!

The old one is off.

The radio stream is on again:

Check the live ticker for more information!

Timetable / Press / Repression

1. There are two new entries in the timetable. On saturday there is going to be workshops, diskussion rounds and lectures throughout the entire day at RAW. On Sunday there is going to be Cinama for children at the Bödi (Bödiker Str 9)

2. Until now there have been three press releases:
[05/26/08: Prior to the Action Days]
[05/27/08: Concerning the squat]
[05/29/08: Concerning police repression and further direkt action]

3. Police repression rose to an incredible high level within the last couple of days. The state criminlizes social protest and our big and loud NO to their ideas of city planning. Several people are in jail, several others suffered injuries from dispropotional police violence. Moreover people are being searched and observed due to their appearance. This is what democracy looks like! We answer all this bullshit with SOLIDARITY!


Especially we feel with the activist that are still in jail! We also thank the people doing anti-repression work. You‘re the best! And after all we thank all the people that went out and participated in any kind of direct action.

The Action Days will continue until Sunday. So get out in the sun and show the city authorities what you think of their vision of city planning!

This is our City!

New Squat starts off Action Days!!!

Yesterday about twenty activist squatted a house in Berlin-Mitte (Michaelkirchplatz 4-5)! After four hours at about 10pm the police violently moved supporters (at least three injuries) off the area around the house and evicted the activist. Until then the atmosphere in front of the house was very good, about 300 people where there to support. There was music and food and many many nice people. All the activists are free again. In reaction to the eviction several cars have been burned down throughout the night.
The house itself has not been used for about ten years and is owned by the biggest labour union in germany: Verdi. Verdi refused to negotiate and is now willing to bring all activist to trial for „Hausfriedensbruch“ and „Sachbeschädigung“. This just can‘t be and showes very well how corrupt this capitalist political system ist.

Lets Take back our City!

For more information check Indymedia or the live ticker.

Längerer Aufruf und Neuigkeiten zur Fuck Yuppies Veranstaltung

Sorry, that it is not in english…

In den folgden Tagen wird sich entscheiden wo wir (in der näheren
Umgebung) des Mauerparks die Aktion machen. Für den TAg brauchen wir noch
Leute, die das Publikum aus dem PArk mobilisieren (eine Sponti mit
Soundsystem und Mega z.b.)

An sonsten gibt es jetzt eine neue Version des Plakates (ohne
Schreibfehler der Bands):
Bitte aktualisieren!

Außerdem gibt es noch einen längeren Kurzaufruf (ausnahmsweise ohne

Radio & Timetable +++ Update! +++

+++ Update 05/27/08, 1pm +++

The final Timetable is now online: [Timetable & City Map]

Further Explanation for some events can be found here or in the timetable section of this website.

There also is a flyer for May 31st from the Rauchhaus:


The radio website is now online. Also we made a few changes on the timetable. The latest version is available here:

Timetable is now translated!

The timetable has been translated into english! Thank you!

Online Ticker

The online ticker will start on Tuesday!

The adress is!!!

WBA Weather News!

The latest WBA Weather News (WBAWN): On Tuesday the Action Days will start with 24*C and sunshine! Throughout the week upcoming clouds will be pushed away by direct action and other political activities. At nighttime the temperature is supposed to go up, so be prepared for hot nights!

Your WBAWN Team!


WBA Weather News (WBAWN): Die Action Days werden am Dienstag mit 24 Grad und Sonne beginnen! Für die weiteren Tage werden mögliche Schlechtwetterfronten mit direkten Aktionen und anderen Arten von emanzipatorischer Politik weggedrückt! Nachts soll es mitunter zu Temperaturanstiegen kommen; heiße Nächte sind angekündigt!

Euer WBAWN Team!

Timetable again…

We have updated the timetable once again. Check it out. Also the Schnarup-Thumby will provide food everyday at 8pm in addition to the central Vökü that is on the timetable.

If you want to give any explanation or extra information about your event in the timetable, send us the text we then put in the online timetable.


Wir haben den Timetable noch mal nachgebessert. Außerdem wird es neben der zentralen Vökü auch in der Scharni jeden Tag um 20h Vokü geben.

Wenn ihr Erläuterungen oder Extra Informationen über eure Veranstaltungen oder Aktionen im Online Timetable geben wollt, schickt uns den Text.